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Apsara Dancing Stones

The Apsara Dancing Stones is a story of Khmer civilization, greatness, war, disintegration, struggles, and revival that intertwined with fate and resurrection of the most beautiful female deity and celestial dancer of Angkorian era, the Apsara.  The story brought forth the Apsara from the past and gloomy era into our modern time, chronicling her birth, her dances among gods, goddesses, mortals, warriors and leaders of ancient Cambodia, and her power as a symbol of peace, reverence, and unity. The story is concluded with the appeal for protection and preservation of this beloved and ancient relic of Cambodian civilization.

The Apsara Dancing Stones was commissioned by the Angkor Dance Troupe and was our main feature presentation and performance for Angkor Dance Troupe, Inc. 25th Anniversary for our relentless dedication to sustain, preserve, and promote Khmer Arts and Culture in the New England area. The motto of Angkor Dance Troupe is to always teach, preserve, promote, and cherish our ancient and cultural traditions among our youth and interested others. As indicated, our work
with youth is a vivid example of the power of the arts to transform lives.

The Garuda (Krut) is the bird of the Hindu god Vishnu. Garuda is depicted as having a golden body, white face, red wings, and an eagle's beak and wings but a man's body. He wears a crown on his head like his master, Vishnu. He is ancient and huge, and can block out the sun. Worship of Garuda is said to relieve the body of poisons.

Photos by Higgins and Ross; Flyer Design by Sochenda Uch

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