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ADT July 2022 Update

Lowell Ma - The Angkor Dance Troupe has some exciting news we'd like to share with you for. One announcment is the hiring of our new executive director, Bora Chiemruom, you can read more information about Bora in our blog post here or the Lowell Sun's article on it here.

pictured above is our new Eexecutive Director Bora Chiemroum

Our other exciting announcment announcement is the Celebration of the Angkor Dance Troupe, founded in 1986 by Tim Chan Thou in Lowell, with two major public performances in August.

Bora Chiemruom, Angkor Dance Troupe Executive Director, stated, ”We are so fortunate to have renowned Neakru Savay, a former principal dancer (prima ballerina) with Khmer Royal Ballet (1965-1970), working with our incredible team. During the terrible years of the Khmer Rouge regime, Voan Savay kept her background a secret and hid her identity to survive. We are thrilled that Angkor Dance Troupe’s first major production since the COVID-19 pandemic will be this

historic artistic collaboration.”

Angkor Dance Troupe’s 35th anniversary celebrations will kick off with a special groundbreaking performance at Boarding House Park on August 7th, located within Lowell National Historical Park (LNHP). Angkor Dance Troupe and Lowell National Historical Park have a working relationship that dates back over two decades as LNHP’s Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center has served as the home of the Troupe since 2001. This show will include works that have never been performed before in the United States, reviving two critical Cambodian classical pieces: White Face Dancer and Tep Soung Va. This performance will be free and open to the public as the Troupe marks its first major production in Lowell since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pictured above is Neakru Savay fixing a dancer's posture

Prior to that, on August 6th, the Troupe will travel to Williamstown, Massachusetts to perform at the Clark Institute as part of the ongoing Rodin in the United States: Confronting the Modern exhibition. Celebrating the work of Auguste Rodin, the exhibit features the largest Rodin exhibitions in the United States in the last forty years. After witnessing their performances firsthand, Auguste Rodin painted about 150

watercolors of the costumed dancers of the

royal dancers of Cambodia. This connection

provided the inspiration for Angkor Dance Troupe to use the encounter and artwork as an opportunity to explore the history of preserving Cambodian dance over the past century, and a chance to connect across war and the diaspora.

The Rodin in the United States: Confronting the Modern exhibition tells the story of the collectors,agents, art historians, and critics who endeavored to make Auguste Rodin known in America and considers the artist’s influence and reputation in the U.S. from 1893 to the present. Rodin in the United States is on view at the Clark Art Institute through September 18, 2022.

Both shows feature the work of Neakru Voan Savay, a Master Teacher visiting from Paris, who has been training our dancers as well as our current instructors. Master Voan Savay’s participation is made possible through a cultural exchange program supported by the Clark Arts Institute. She will

work with Angkor Dance Troupe’s master teacher Phousita Huy, master teacher Kimhan Meas,

Master teacher Pov Yousaday, and Assistant Artistic manager Chummeng Soun to produce and

stage a never before seen, groundbreaking performance that encompasses the evolution of

Cambodian Classical dance within the century. This production aims to engage the younger

generation to take part and responsibility in the process of knowledge transmission; to educate

the community about Cambodian performance art and dance; and finally, to celebrate Cambodian

art in the diaspora.

The mission of Angkor Dance Troupe is always to teach, preserve, promote, and cherish our

ancient and cultural traditions among our youth and interested others. Our work with youth is a

vivid example of the power of the arts to transform lives.

Event Details:

Show 1: Saturday, August 6, 2022, at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA, at 4 pm

Thank you to the Clark Art Institute for their generous support and invitation. Angkor Dance

Troupe will perform as part of the Rodin In The United States: Confronting the Modern exhibit.

Show 2: August 7th at the Boarding House Park in Lowell, MA, at 6 pm

Angkor Dance Troupe kicks off our 35th Anniversary celebrations with a FREE performance right

here in Lowell at the Boarding House Park. Through the generosity of our supporters we are able to continue to provide dance classes to the youth and provide free shows for the general public, please consider making a donation to help sustain us and our mission.

For more information, please visit:


About The Angkor Dance Troupe

The Angkor Dance Troupe is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. The mission of the Angkor Dance Troupe is to

connect communities through the preservation, education, and innovation of Cambodian

Performing Arts. Formed in 1986 by Tim Chan Thou in Lowell, Massachusetts, Angkor Dance

Troupe has brought Cambodian people a way to reconstruct their sense of culture and community.

Angkor Dance Troupe has been featured in award-winning documentaries and even performed at

the White House. Angkor Dance Troupe is committed to making the City of Lowell the hub for

Cambodian performing arts.


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