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Dancer Series

A project to highlight students of Angkor Dance Troupe where they share hardships they've faced in their personal lives and how growing up with a dance community has made all the difference.

Channa started dancing with Angkor Dance Troupe since 1998 and has developed from a student to a principal dancer. She is currently the Dance Program Manager under the Artistic Director. When not with Angkor, Channa works at Lowell Community Health Center as a Community Outreach Worker for the elderly living at home.

"Angkor helped shape me to be who I am today by allowing me to find out what I want to do in life - about making right choices and making connections with people and society. Angkor taught me that dancing was a way for me to feel that I have another home." - Peter Chea

Peter has been with Angkor Dance Troupe since the 7th grade and is currently a Senior at Lowell High School. He plans to pursue Civil Engineering in college.

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