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Programs Resume, Tim Thou teaches Khmer

We've kicked off 2018 with a full Angkor Dance Troupe studio today!

Our music program welcomed about 6 new participants with more to come next week. Returning students completed last semester with a Music Recital and will be placed in an advanced class following the new students. The instruments provided can be found on our music page.

We welcomed returning students and a couple new participants for our Dance Program today. Our Annual Dance Recital will take place on Sunday, April 1, 2018 at the Lowell National Historical Park Boott Mill Events Center.

Co-founder and Operations Director, Tim Thou invites members of Angkor Dance Troupe to take a beginner's course in Khmer reading, writing, and speech. Although this course is exclusive to members of the Dance Troupe, Khmer Class is being taught in Lowell, MA by our friends at CMAA Lowell.

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