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Preah Thoung Neang Neak

Long ago in Southeast Asia, there was a Prince named Preah Thoung who had been exiled from the Indian Kingdom. He was forced onto a large ship with no destination, accompanied by guards, servants, and maids. The ship reached a small island with large trees called Dalhm Kok Tlork. The Prince witnessed Neang Neak, a mermaid, playing along the shore with her maids and decided to join them. Her beauty overtook him and they immediately fell in love.


After much time together, Neang Neak makes her way back to her home kingdom underwater to ask her parents’ permission to marry the Prince, a human.


In order for Preah Thoung to visit her parents, he has to hold on to her Sbai (scarf) to travel down into the magical underwater kingdom. Neang Neak’s parents approve of the marriage and bless their daughter and Prince Thoung with the inheritance of the island of Kampuchea, known today as the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Today, this story represents the origin of the Cambodian wedding.

(Program book photos + Flyer by Higgins & Ross)

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