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Angkor Dance Troupe Featured in Yankee Magazine

In the Fall of 2019, a representative of Yankee Magazine reached out to Angkor Dance Troupe to capture photos for an editorial piece highlighting the Cambodian community in Lowell, MA. We appreciate the team for capturing the culture and recognizing the dance troupe as an important part of the Lowell story. Thank you to Heather Marcus, Tony Luong, Julia Clancy, and the rest of the Yankee Magazine crew.

Photos by Tony Luong

Photo 1: Khyla Lach and Kelly Ly pose for in costume for Sentimental Expression.

Photo 2: Vituu Touch in Fishing Dance costume.

Photo 3: A playful scene from the Fishing Dance featuring Roselynn Soung, Peter Chea, Salena Mam, Vituu Touch, Theary Ou, and Kevin Searth.

Photo 4: Kelly Ly poses during a scene from Sentimental Expression.

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