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Sampeah Kru Ceremony

The ceremony of Sampeah Kru honors and brings salutations to the teachers and spirits of dance.

February 26, 2023

LOWELL, MA — The Master Teachers and staff welcomed all students and parents to join Angkor Dance Troupe in the Sampeah Kru ceremony to honor and bring salutations to all of the teachers and spirits of sacred Cambodian dances.

Before a dancer is accepted as a new student, they typically cannot start their first lesson until a they have a Sampeah Kru ceremony performed for them. This ceremony is considered to be so important that the student will perform it over and over again throughout their dancing career. Sunday is chosen to begin the first lesson for novices.

To perform the ceremony, students will bring offerings of betel leaves, candles, incense sticks, perfumed water, and flowers. After the offerings are properly arranged, the student initiates the ceremony by praying; asking for success, eternal beauty, and blessings for the student to be able to quickly learn the lessons. Finally, the teacher answers in place of the spirits, and sprinkles holy water over each young dancer’s head. They will then begin their first lesson.

The ceremony described above is a short description to initiate and to introduce students and parents to the ritual that they later will be performing on a regular basis. During this special ceremony, the masters and teachers will then perform a traditional welcoming dance which blesses the students and parents.


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