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Cultural Exchange

Angkor Dance Troupe has made tremendous strides towards advancing the organization's impact on the community. Cultural exchanges will host Master Teachers and students from global Cambodian performing arts organizations, such as the Royal University of Cambodia, who will provide an intense month-long training for a select number of our principal dancers to receive certificates of completion for advanced training.

The overall expected outcomes are the strengthening of Cambodian youth in Lowell as a result of participating in this program, and strengthened Cambodian culture as a vibrant part of inclusion and diversity in the U.S. Specific anticipated outcomes of the proposed expansion are as follows: 10 more students will increase their performance, production and costuming skills; serve as role models for over 80 younger dancers; benefit from part-time employment, marketable work skills habits, and a strong work ethic which results in job readiness and future employability.


In addition, the troupe will be able to continue to expand its’ after-school presence as well provide general classes to the larger public. This will provide opportunities for continued cultural exchange and the heightened awareness of the Cambodian culture. It is anticipated that another 100 community residents will benefit. We believe these Exchanges will enrich and enhance the practice for all of our students and bring greater meaning to the work we do as a Cambodian Performing Arts Organization.

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