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The Angkor Dance Troupe Announces Bora Chiemroum as Executive Director

Lowell, MA, 6/23/2022 - The Angkor Dance Troupe ( is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Executive Director, Bora Chiemruom. Ms. Chiemruom brings over two decades of leadership experience in nonprofit organizations and Asian American community advocacy. As such, she is well equipped to helm Angkor Dance Troupe as it rebuilds its programs after the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthens infrastructure for long-term sustainability and growth, and cultivates new ideas and new generations of artists.

Tim Thou, Angkor Dance Troupe Founder and Interim Director, stated, “I and other staff members are excited for Bora to join the team. She brings great experience and leadership, new vision, and hope for the troupe for today, tomorrow, and many years to come.”

Ms. Chiemruom has served as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Asian American Commission and, most recently, Executive Director for the Lowell TeleMedia Center. She strengthened internal organization and stability with both organizations while also increasing advocacy and community engagement, particularly with the youth. She has long demonstrated a commitment to youth services through her work with Youthbuild International, Head Start, and Community Teamwork Inc.

ADT Board President Sue J. Kim said, “Angkor Dance Troupe honors the past while imagining better futures, and works today towards those futures. I know few people who manifest those same values better than Bora Chiemruom.”

Angkor Dance Troupe has been without a full-time Executive Director since the departure of the previous Executive Director Dahvy Tran in 2018, who during her tenure enlarged ADT’s artistic and youth service profile and continues to serve as Clerk on the Board of Directors. Since then, during some challenging years, Ms. Tran and other volunteers and part-time staff members have been working tirelessly to keep ADT operating.

Ms. Chiemruom’s appointment comes at a critical time for ADT as it recovers after the COVID19 pandemic shutdown. As Chummeng Soun, Principle Dancer and Assistant Artistic Manager, observed, “As the troupe celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year, I reflect back on the past challenging years during Covid; we haven’t been at full capacity for two years, and over 70 dance students and youth are yearning to reconnect with their culture again.” ADT also extends deep gratitude to the Massachusetts Cultural Council for its critical support during the pandemic, as well as its continuous support over the years.

Chiemruom stated, “I look forward to working with the team to reconnect with the community. Angkor Dance Troupe is uniquely positioned to help heal the community through the performing arts and its many innovative programs. I hope that through Angkor Dance Troupe, we will inspire the next generation of artists and community leaders."

Angkor Dance Troupe currently participates in the Powering Cultural Futures initiative by the Barr Foundation and Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts (; the Free Soil Arts Collective is the only other Lowell arts organization that is part of the cohort. Generous multi-year investments from this initiative as well as from the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation ( provide key support for Angkor Dance Troupe’s development towards organizational growth and sustainability.

In assuming this role, Ms. Chiemruom continues the tradition of strong leadership of ADT by Cambodian American women from Lowell. Bora Chiemruom stated, “As a Khmer woman, leading a longstanding national recognized, respected, and accomplished organization is an honor!”

About Angkor Dance Troupe Angkor Dance Troupe’s (ADT) mission is to connect communities through the preservation, education, and innovation of Cambodian performing arts. ADT provides instruction, preserves Cambodian history, and spreads knowledge through its teaching of traditional Cambodian dance, music, history, and the Khmer language. Through these classes and the high-quality performances by its dancers, ADT maintains the integrity of Cambodian performing arts and traditions while adapting to societal changes, and developing the next generation of dancers, teachers, mentors, and leaders. For more information, please visit


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